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Christmas is coming up and boy, oh boy is this time of year is exciting! I’m sure you know someone in your life that is just starting to dapple around with ingredients, or someone who makes you an amazing dinner every single day. You love them and that is just why you’ve found yourself searching for the perfect Christmas gift. I’ve put together this list of 15 Christmas gifts for home chefs will love to unwrap…and wrap you up in a hug!

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15 Christmas Gifts for Home Chefs

First off, You’ll want to know their style is so when you are shopping you pick something that’ll match their vibe, their aesthetic. Then know the amount of space they’re working with. Picking a gift could really go both ways depending upon how much you pay attention to their true wants and needs. Think about it, if you buy someone a kitchen aid mixer but they have ZERO counter space, how much help is that really? But find a smaller mixer and some floating shelves or under cabinet organizer, yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Christmas Gifts For The Newbies

Newbies are someone who is well, new. And they are just starting to get an interest into this cooking thing and could use all the help they can get. And in return? You’ll get all the fruits of their labor! I remember a time when I grew up making homemade bread, by hand, all the time. But after I was married, I was gifted a bread maker by my in laws since they new I loved baking. Needless to say, I text them every time I make bread now!

Just to let them know just how much I love and appreciate this thing. And sure its totally different than handmade bread, but hey, it fits well in my cabinet, it matches my house colors, and saves me time when I’m busy. If you’re looking to find a whole list of what every startup kitchen needs, check this out!

  • Conversion chart – This conversion chart gives the ability to quickly convert dimensions between recipes and help when halfing or doubling.
  • Mixing Bowls – Yes every home chef needs a set of mixing bowls! These are a fantastic option as they save space, have lids and grips at the bottom so when you’re stirring they don’t slide around on your counter! Oh, and they also have a nifty little attachments that allow you to grate food right into the bowl (which saves space) and, additional utensils!
  • Silicone molds – These are pretty fun to have and create so many things with! You can find some as simple as baking shapes and more intricate candy shape trays like these adorable Christmas trays. Remember, you’re looking for something they would use and love, not just something that is cool to you.
  • Personalized Recipe Book -Give the gift that will let them keep their favorite recipes all in one place! With this personalized recipe book, it’ll give them the space to write in everything they create!
  • Holiday Themed Kitchen Extras

    Christmas Gifts For The Bakers

    Baking is a wonderful pass time or hobby, and if you know anyone that bakes, you will know they are passionate about their bakes and how their creations come out. It’s something of a proud moment of “I created this!” haha and just fun to share a homemade treat with your friends and family. Even better if it comes out beautiful and delicious!

    • A Book – When I started baking, I was always on the lookout for all the knowledge of creating amazing treats. With this book, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on How To Bake! Oh, and if they are a fan of The Great British Baking Show, then they’ll absolutley love the author! 😉
    • Cake Pans – With 567 Pieces for an affordable price, this cake pan set comes with all the extras!
    • Bread Proofing Kit – This is the kit with all the things you see these lovely home bakers making wonderful bread in! It has the basket for proofing, the bench scraper, flour brushes and blades for making designs! It truly is an easy and wonderful gift.
    • Dutch Oven– A Dutch oven is always a lovely gift as there are so many possibilities for use! From bread proofing to baking to chili and stew, any baker will love and appreciate a new Dutch oven! And if they’ve never used one before, pairing with a book like this will surely get their creative minds running!
    • Cookie Cooling Rack – I cannot tell you enough how awesome this is! It saves counter space and gives you plenty of space to let all your goodies cool!

    Christmas Gifts For The Cooks

    Have you ever been to someone’s house and they just somehow always serve the best dishes? You wonder how they learned to cook so well?! Well either A: they went to school for it, B: they watched their families cook and had a knack for it as well, or C: they studied and learned every free source of knowledge. You can create amazing dishes if you just start experimenting with ingredients and different flavors and cuisines, you’ll find all sorts of wonderful tips and tricks!

    • Potato Ricer – This potato ricer will help create the most luscious, creamy, smooth mashed potatoes! Oh and it also comes with 3 grates, 6 different color/style options and a lifetime warranty!
    • Grilling Gadgets – This meat shredder. My husband actually has one of these and uses it all the time for BBQ!
    • Gravity Salt and Pepper Shakers – I bet you’ve seen these in some videos recently! You know the ones that light up and automatically grind fresh spices!
    • Chef Knife Set – This is a classic gift, but one that is always great! This set is sharp, modern and would an awesome addition to anyone’s kitchen!
    • Kitchen Torch – Imagine making homemade merengue, single serve marshmallow or crème brulee and toasting it up. This is exactly what that’s for…mmm. Perfect!

    Let’s Get Gifting!

    Okay, that’s my top 15 Christmas gifts for home chefs! I hope this helps you find that perfect gift for the home chef in your life! And before you go, check out these 25 Christmas gifts for foodies!

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