18 Items every kitchen needs

18 Items Every Kitchen Needs! | Basic must haves.

If you are going to be creating delicious and amazing recipes, you want to get these basic items. These are things you can get over time, OR… you can go to Amazon right now, and order all 18 items every kitchen needs! Now, this is a list for kitchen newbies. All you grannies and mama’s that know everything about the kitchen, these will be what you already know, but fun and modern versions and yes some are the same ole reliable. So if you need to finally replace that stinkin ol can opener you’ve been swearing to toss for years, keep reading! You might just find something else you want to update within these 18 items every kitchen needs!

18 Items every kitchen needs.

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Why Do you Need These Items?

Because you can work, smarter, not harder! Save time and create delicious recipes without the hassle of doing everything by hand. It’s okay to splurge on some items, other times you can buy used for a fraction of the cost. If you’re on a budget, just keep an eye out and buy as you go. If you can buy at move in, you can start creating right away!

How Did I Come Up With This List

These are the items I use every day. The ones that are so simple, but you don’t think about as you’re working on a new house. If you’re a planner and think ” What do I need for my kitchen?” Then this is where you need to be! I’ll break it down into 3 different sections and explain all the things just for you.

18 Items Every Kitchen Needs. Part 1 – The Basics For Cooking

Pots and Pans – Get a matching set! Not necessarily expensive, just made of good quality and pleasant look. My husband bought a nice set for Christmas one year and I that was my favorite gift! HaHa, I rarely let anyone touch my pan set! So get yourself something you love.

Utensil Set – This can match your pots and pan set or can be a matching variety of the random utensils you know and love. Yes we all love that pretty look, but I’ll tell you a secret 😉, I love my mismatch set!

Cutting Boards – Something simple and dishwasher safe is a great go to. Just wash and toss!

Oven Mitts- So many options, but my favorite is this little set right here. Pick out your favorite color to match your house color scheme.

Towel Set – Get something simple and cute or with a little flair, totally your choice, just like everything else in your house!

Can Opener – So many items come in cans, it’s almost impossible to get through without one! I don’t recommend the electric ones because the ingredients always squeeze out and it’s almost impossible to ever fully clean.

18 Items Every Kitchen Needs. Part 2 – The Basics For Baking

Mixing Bowl Set – You’re going to think this isn’t really a necessity, but just wait until you’ve started whipping something up and you can’t stir anything in a small bowl! My favorite is a set like this that is heavy duty, and next after using, just throw in the dishwasher. This glass one is so cute for the holidays and my absolute favorite from a dear friend!

Measuring Cups – This is such a simple buy, you can get a white set at the dollar store or you can get a matching set. I have the pioneer woman set along with this cute butter dish, but I still prefer my simple white measuring cup set from the dollar store. I will say having a large one can come in handy sometimes, so maybe invest in one of those as well.

Baking Pan Set – Breads, cookies, cakes oh my! All of the things, what do you buy?!

Seasoning / Flavor Set – What breathes life into food. Become an ingredient household, if you have so many ingredients ready for you, you’ll find yourself wanting to create more. My favorite part of being an ingredient household is when someone says “There’s nothing to eat…” And 20 minutes later I hand them a fresh plate of something surprising and delicious. Try it, surprise the ones you love with a homemade treat and watch their face light up with a little extra love. 💗

18 Items Every Kitchen Needs. Part 3 – The Fun!

Mixer bowl – A kitchen Aid mixer is a wonderful addition and quite possibly my favorite extra kitchen item!

Ice cream Maker – Adding an Ice cream maker into your tool stash is going to give you so many opportunities to impress your friends and family. Ah- hem I mean, you at 9′ o’clock, finally after kids are in bed, with snacks and a good movie.

Blender – great for smoothies, sauces and so much more. Now with this you will definitely want to invest in a high end brand, like one of these, because cheapo in this category is not going to help.

Frother – This is awesome because it is multi use, not only can you whip up some nice warm milk for your morning coffee, you can also use it to decorate your glasses for cute drinks!

Oil sprayer – No more messes from oil bottles or wasted paper towels for spreading butter. This is something that I use quite often for my dishes that need a little extra or a spray over bread for a nice crispness.

Cookie Shaper / Cutters – Have fun on your kitchen with these cute cookie shapes. I used on of these growing up and it just fueled my fire of nostalgia creating cute little shapes. Perfect for the holidays!

Mini scooper – This is a simple little addition for a little ice-cream atop of your warm gooey brownies the second you pull them from the oven. Or again, cute drinks, scoop little balls of fruit and freeze for adorable drink ice.

Drink Pitcher – Before I had a drink pitcher, I never made big beverages. But now that I got one as a gift, I find myself filling it every week with a new drink and when you see a bright refreshing drink when looking for a beverage, oh it’s the best! Homemade is better than simple store bought premade any day!

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18 Items Every Kitchen Needs, Kickstart your kitchen with these 18 items every kitchen needs! From the simplest to fun and bougie. This guide will prepare you for creating all kinds of treats!

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