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Do you live to eat, or eat to live? For many of us out here, we live to eat and if you are shopping for someone like this, you just might find what you’re looking for in this list of 25 Christmas gifts for foodies!

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What Is A Foodie?

Well, this would be someone who is very fond of, or interested in food. One who likes to eat, or make, as a hobby. Someone who finds joy and happiness is seeking out the best delectable treats around. You going to the fair? Don’t forget to bring back a snack for this one friend! So, who is a foodie, is rather the better question here.

So… Who Is A Foodie?

You is a foodie! Well, If you’re searching for a wish list to send to your spouse, and you’ve shared this page! If you are looking for the definition of a foodie, look here. I call myself one and you just might too. If you are unsure of how to know think about it this way. 1: Are you constantly asking ” Will there be food?!?” when invited to an event. 2: Asking “Where’s the closest food around here?” 3: Do you plan your road trips around restaurants, like, planning to stop at the locals top rated spots? 4: Do you constantly think of how to make your meals better, and possibly more fun? 5: Do you watch all the food shows on your favorite streaming services?

Starting to understand? Great! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into what foodies love and appreciate!

What are a Foodie’s Interest?

Food! Gourmet food! Fair food! Food truck food! Recipes, ingredients, restaurants, grandmas cooking, drinks, mugs, tumblers, snack trays… etc. I could go on forever about what interest a foodie! So think, if it has anything to do with food, it has a high chance of being a real hit with your foodie friends!

25 Christmas Gifts for Foodies

I will be showing you my top favorite picks for gifts in each category of food! If you are anything like me, you absolutely love when there is a time and a reason to bring gifts to the special ones you love! As sometimes it is difficult, I hope this list helps when you are looking for something that will be just perfect!

For The Food Makers

A spice set is sure to be a hit for every kitchen fanatic! If you love to explore different cuisines, this spice set is a wonderful gift! If you have all the ingredients already in your kitchen, you’ll be more likely to make different types of meals.

Another option that is always a great addition is anything that is cool for an interest they have.

Are they obsessed with bagels? This bagel recipe book will make their eyes light up with joy as this will give them the ability to make delicious homemade bagels whenever their heart desires! And not just make them, but make them amazing!

Maybe they love coffee but are always on the run. This coffee maker is portable so they can have a fresh cup of joe, even if they have to run out of the house and forgot to make a cup before they left. You can place this is their car with a fresh bottle of water and a small bag of their favorite grounds the night before they will have a busy morning. They will surely thank you!

For Your Food Lovers – and the easy way out.

That don’t necessarily like to cook, but LOVE to eat! Okay, so here is where you gift cards come in! But, you may feel it’s too simplistic. Yes, gift cards are great and all, but have you ever been at Christmas with your family or a Christmas work party and everyone gets these amazing gifts, and then you just get an envelope with a gift card? Well, one of three things happened, A: they had all the intentions to get you a gift and they ran out of time, or B: they had absolutely no idea what to get for you, but know your favorite restaurants, or C: They were lazy. But hey we’ve all been there, so remember to have grace when one of these slides into your lap, and just know this does not have to be a boring gift, when you’re on the other side!

Gifts cards can be an amazing option, but just make sure to pair it with a little something. Whether it be a mug or a thermos or a box inside a box inside a box etc.. with lots of their favorite candies. I think the key to someone receiving a gift card happily, is just making sure it looks like you put some effort or thought into it!

For Your Drink Lovers

We all know those people who really, really love their mugs, thermoses and wine glasses! So I’ve put together a list of perfect holiday drink holders. I mean, is there any other way to share your homemade hot cocoa and eggnog with everyone?

For Your Snackers

  • Snack plate for your cup – We all love our Stanley cups, with 40 oz of your favorite beverage. Pair that with a place to put your snacks? Oh yeah, this is a perfect gift to pair together as it truly makes the holiday movie snuggles just the best!
  • Snack Holder – Okay, I just know this snack holder will be your favorite. It’s cute and holds 2 drinks, snacks and your phones!

For Your Hosts of Family Brunches, Lunches and Dinners

  • Serving Trays / Charcuterie board set – Having a 5 piece set like this will truly make their holiday prep, serve and clean up so much easier! Also, not to mention pretty! This comes as a set of 5 so it will give you all the possibilities for many food options all on the same table!
  • 20 Piece Glass Cups W/ lids & straws – These feel good style glass cups come with lids so they are perfect for that pool side bubble party or brunch with the girlies. Comes with 20 cups/ lids/ straws, so no more mom trying to collect all the random cups in the house for all the guests! Just pop out these cups and pass them around! Your host will thank you!
  • Wine Fridge – If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves to entertain and make drinks for their guest, this will be a wonderful gift for them! This wine fridge holds 18 bottles of wine, all, while looking classy!
  • Taco Dinner Lazy Susan – Okay this may just be my favorite thing on this list. It’s a lazy susan for tacos or dips, or snacks, or puddings or whatever you’d like! With 4 taco trays to make and hold, 4 smaller compartments for the toppings, 2 large compartments for the meat and hmm cheese sauce?! Oh yeah, any host will just love this tray! I know I do!

Last, But Not Least, For Your Foodie Book Readers!

A Book Series – This book series by Joann Fluke was a favorite of mine as a teenager and I still love them to this day! They are all about Hannah who owns a cookie shop and helps to solve murder mysteries! These are an easy read with drama, comedy and mystery! Oh and the absolute best part? They are filled with recipes to try throughout each book!

A perfect thing to read while cozied up next to a snowy window, a fire and indulging in the best peach cobbler. It all starts with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, then goes on to 25+ books of loveable characters and edge of your seat entertainment, that will keep you flipping through the pages!

Food Facts bookThis book includes over 365 fun facts about food! This would be a wonderful gift for the up and coming foodies in your life!

Baby Foodie books – If you know someone with a little munchkin. Chances are, they probably read to their little one all the time! And if they just so happen to be foodies themselves, they will love reading this book about babies and their distinguished taste, this book about recipes and this book about silly food faces.

There you have it, 25 Christmas Gifts for Foodies!

Now that we’ve gone through some great gift options and ideas, I hope this helps you with your Christmas shopping for the foodie in your life! And if they don’t like any of these 25 Christmas gifts for foodies… well, just take them out for a night on the town to their favorite restaurant! And, if your shopping for a home chef, check out my list of gifts for them here!

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