Who is The Sweetest…

Who is behind The Sweetest Sugar? That’d be me, Cede! A fun loving lady who enjoys the simplistic lifestyle of joy around the family. Creating anything in the kitchen has always been my hobby, a self taught – well everything in the kitchen! Helping people? Now that’s my thing! So I started this blog to help people who want to create yumminess in the kitchen! With little snippet about me is out of the way, what can I do for you?

I started this website for anyone who wants to create sweet and delicious treats! If you dream of coming home and seeing your kitchen put together and a sweet plate of fresh baked cookies on your counter and wonder hmm. “How’d that happen? Oh, Right I did that! How sweet!” Then this is the place for you! As I walk you through how to create tantalizing breakfasts, desserts and drinks, you’ll get a little pinch of sweetness to brighten your day!

How I’ve Gotten Here.

That’s a great question! I have spent my whole life very intrigued in the wonders of the kitchen, and what you can create from some simple ingredients. So as I have been cooking and baking as far back as I can remember, I’ll say I have 20 + years experience, of experimenting with yumminess! Almost going into culinary school the second I graduated, I psyched myself out worrying I was banishing my future to a stinky old dark restaurant kitchen, so I ditched that idea and worked at a local office that would build my career skills while completing my virtual assistant program.

I realized I love working in the peaceful space of my home, writing and watching the hummingbirds visit their sweet feeder. I got my real estate license to work at home with my husband, gave up the office job and started thinking of doing something even better! After we welcomed our daughter, I decided to create this blog to help others who like to create some seriously sweet treats.😉 That’s how I became owner and author of The Sweetest Sugar! A place to create sweetness for the sweetness around you.

What Can The Sweetest Sugar Do For You?

Whether it be something like adding a little sweetness to your household or a little sweetness to your movie nights, I hope it’s something wonderful. With simple recipes for quick treats or more advance recipes for an impressive dessert at game night! I hope to inspire you to create some sweet goodness for you, your family, friends, coworkers, and even your neighbors! Showing up with a some goodies was my absolute favorite thing from my childhood, whether it was a surprise visit from our church grammas or us dropping off biscuits and honey, playing ding dong ditch with our friends. You’ll find folks’ faces just light up to know you were thinking about them enough to put some time and energy into their happiness.

Do I recommend Products I know and love?

Absolutely! If I find a product that is very useful, then of course I want to share it with anyone who will find a use for it as well, and if you’re reading this, chances are, you could benefit from useful kitchen products just as much as I can. I may earn a small commission if you were to purchase something through a link on my site at no extra cost to you, and that profit goes right into making bigger and better recipes! So I appreciate all the support to make this site something people love!

Ready To Get Started Becoming the Sweetest?!

Start here to begin your treat making journey! My becoming a baker page will walk you through the basics of everything you need to know to get started. Learn what different ingredients are and how you use them, definitions on techniques and which tools you’ll need for a beginner kitchen.