Home made biscuits with fruit spread

Nectarine Butter | A Cool Summer Biscuit Spread

Nectarine Butter | A Cool Summer Biscuit Spread

Home made biscuits with fruit spread pinit

Ever heard of apple butter? That smooth yummy, cinnamony, creamy spread you just can’t pass up on a cold morning of eggs, bacon and biscuits! Well, this is where I fueled my idea for this delicious nectarine butter! It’s bright, fresh and oh so yummy!

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With the wonderful flavor nectarines have to offer, and a sprinkle of white sugar, you can create this yummy, syrupy, nectarine goodness. I’ll show you just how to make this tantalizing buttery spread, how to store it and how to serve!

What Is A Nectarine?

A nectarine is in sorts, a type of peach! With 1 different gene factor that gives them a firmer feel, and smooth skin. This makes them perfectingly interchangeable for recipes if you only have one or the other on hand. Do if you have a peach cobbler recipe but only have nectarines? Give it a shot at mixing it up and vice versa!


How To Cook The Nectarines And Make A Syrup!

OKAY, here’s where the fun gets started! Let’s peel and chop up these sweet fruits into small pieces. I start by cutting the fruit in half then half again, then quarter that. Next turn your thin slices sideways and slice those into tiny pieces. Smaller pieces equal faster cooking! Now that this is chopped up, you’re going to want to place this into a small pot on the stove on medium low heat, with a little water ( I’ll give you the dimensions in the recipe below!)

We’ll let this boil down for about 10 minutes or so to let the fruit break down. Once it has boiled down a little bit, add the white sugar and bring this back to a simmer until the sugar is dissolved. I’m sure you could interchange stevia or a sweetener replacement here, but I’ve still yet to test that out.

A: Continue to making this yummy butter spread!

B: Strain the pieces out so at this point you’ve got syrup for tea!

How To Make A Nectarine Butter Spread

After you cook the fruit, you’ll want to blend it all up together very fine. Add the butter while this mixture is still warm so it will be well incorporated, and do your taste test! This is when I noticed it had a little bitterness. I believe it’s due to the fact of the variety I used, or just was not ripe enough yet. So, If yours is a little bitter, now is when you’ll add in the lime juice! I found this gave the spread a nice freshness and made it just so much yummier! *Tip – add in a splash of food coloring if you want a brighter pinkness!

How To Store and Serve Nectarine Butter

Storing and serving a homemade spread has never been easier, with these adorable spread containers that are perfect size for this recipe! I would only keep this in the fridge for up to a week, as it never lasts longer than that! You can serve this with fresh warm buttermilk biscuits or just atop toast. It will make a perfect breakfast addition!

Nectarine Butter | A Cool Summer Biscuit Spread

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Rest Time 10 min Total Time 30 mins Servings: 4 Best Season: Summer


Fruity, buttery creamy spread that will be the perfect topping to your summer breakfast table!



  1. Prepping the Nectarines

    Peel and chop the nectarines into small pieces and place into your pot with the water. 

  2. Cooking the Nectarines

    Place you chopped fruit into a small pot with the water and boil for about 10 minutes until soft. Then turn the heat to low and add in your sugar. Let this simmer until it's thickened.

  3. Making the Spread

    Once all the fruit pieces are soft and the syrupy liquid has thickened slightly, blend this up very well. Add in your butter while still warm so it's well incorporated! Add in the lime juice and store in the fridge!

    Nectarine Butter
  4. Serving

    Serve atop fresh biscuits, toast or simply enjoy with a PB&J!

    Home made biscuits with fruit spread
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